If there is a differnce of opinion, what are your rights about the IEP team decisions?As a parent you have many rights under the law. These rights are described in the A Partents Guide to Special Education Services (Including Procedural Rights and Safeguards). Briefly, you have the right to:

  • Participate in the IEP meeting and consent to , or not consent to, the IEP
  • Understand the contents of the IEP
  • Understand the appeals process, which includes the right to request a legal hearing
  • Meet to review the IEP at least annually, and more often at your request.

    If you disagree with your childs special education instruction and services, or any part of the IEP, you will be advised of your rights and told how to request an informal conference, mediation, and/or due process hearing. Ask the school administrator if you have questions about these procedures.

    Hopefully, you and the school staff will agree on the interim measures (for the time being) until agreement on all issues is reached. In a few cases, where there is no agreement, your childs previous IEP will remain in effect until agreemetn is reached or a due process hearing has been held.

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