Who decides what kind of educational setting is best for your child?Many things are considered in making the decisions as to the educational setting for your child. The IEP team, including you, will make the decision, always keeping the least restrictive environment (LRE) in mind. This means that your child will be educated to the maximum extent appropriate in the general education setting, including access to extracurricular activities, with students who are not disabled. Your child's placement is based on the information contained in his or her IEP, and will be reviewed annually. A list of some of the program options follows, beginning with the least restrictive environmetn and continuing to the most restrictve environments.

  • 1. General educaton class/es
  • 2. General education class/es wth consultation
  • 3. General education class/es wth designated instructona dn servcies (DIS)
  • 4. General edcucaton class/es and resource specialist program (RSP)
  • 5. General educaton class/es and special day class (SDC)
  • 6. Special day class/es
  • 7. Special Schools/centers
  • 8. Public/non-pubilc schools dual enrollment
  • 9. Non-public schools
  • 10. Home or hosptal instruction
  • 11. Residental schools

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