what other services mght your child need?Sometimes studetns qualify for what are called related servces or designated instruction and servcies (DIS). These are serves designed to assist your child in benefiting from his or her instruction program. The IEP team will decide if your child needs any of these servcies.

Examples and brief descriptions of these services are:

  • Language and speech - provides assistance in understanding or using language
  • Adapted physical education - assists a child who may have a disability that prevents him or her from benefiting from general or modified physical education.
  • Occupational therapy - provides assistance in improving or restoring functions lost or impaired through illness, accident, or deprivation.
  • Physical therapy - provides treatment for posture stability, movement, positioning, gait training, etc.
  • Counseling - provides education, career and/or personal counseling and consultation with studetns, parents and staff members.

    More detailed examples and descriptions of related services are contained in the Technical Terms that follow.

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