What happens durng a typical IEP meeting?Every IEP meeting is different, because each meeting is based on the individual needs of each child. However, most meetings proceed something like this:
  • The IEP team participants introduce themselves, and the purpose of the IEP meeting is stated. If an interpreter or translator is used, procedures for taking turns will be explained.
  • A Parents Guide to Special Education Servcies (Including Procedural Rights and Safeguards) is given to you and summarized for you.
  • Your childs assessment reports, teacher reports, and progress reports are discussed. In general the discussion will concern how your child is doing.
  • You may want to talk about your concerns and expectations for your child.
  • The goals and objectives from the previous IEP are reviewed and discussed, unless it is the first IEP meeting for your child. If so, your child's eligibility for special education services will be discussed.
  • your childs educational placement is discussed and decided upon.
  • Current or proposed related services and modifications are discussed
  • New goals and objectives are developed for your child on the basis of his or her needs.
  • The IEP is revied, summarized and finalized by the IEP team.
  • Copies of the IEP are distributed.
  • Follow-up activities are decided upon.

    Remember at any point during the IEP process, you are encouraged to ask questions if you have any concerns or do not understand.

    You may wish to have the IEP translated before you review and sign it.

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