What is Special Education?Special Education means "specially designed instruction" to meet the unique needs of a student with a disability.

Before a child is referred for specal education servcies, there are many general education resources that should be considered first. If you have questions about these general education resources, please dicusss them with staff at your child's school.

General educaton resources may include classroom modifications, accommodations, interventions, Student Success Team, categorical programs, etc.

There are 4 basic steps in the specal education process

1. Referral for Assessment - Parents or teachers can refer students to be assessed for special education services. f your child is referred, you will receive an Assessment Plan to review and sign if you consent to assessment. The Assessment Plan describes the purpose of the assessments, the types of assessments, and who the assessors will be.

2. Assessment - Assessment involves gathering information about yoru child. It could include tests, observations, interviews, work samples, and/or school records. The results of these assessments will be used to help determine if your child needs special education services. If you disagree with the school's assessmetn of your child, you may provide an independent educational evaluation (outside expert's report) to the IEP team.

3. Development and Implementation of the IEP

4. IEP Review

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